Kyanite:Via,Since you were absent on your mission,I picked up your school work,you have to do a paragraph report on trees.


((1 hour later)

Via:Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm' therefor This make hay fever and STD,Since no one is volunteerily taking in pollen I have concluded we are all being raped by Trees

Kyanite:...You've been spending too much time with your mother..

Kyanite:Via please set up for tonight's meeting!!Were having it here and a very high ranked noble is on her way!!


Via puts out three trash cans by the door,and labels them Trash and recycling

She doesn't know what to label the third

Via:..hmm..*writes Hopes and dreams on the lasts trash can*

Kyanite:Ok..way too much time with your mother..

Vias Mentor:Ok,You have two essays due by tommorow and I want you to master your telepathy and hydrokenesis.


((Next day Via puts a stack of papers litteraly two feet taller then her on her mentors desk*Done!

Vias mentor:You work too much..

Via:Just keep telling yourself that,ma'am,one day you'll Fund out that I actually use 5% of the papers on your desk for drawing hearts and smiling faces

Vias mentor looks threw the papers."I don't see any of these papers."

Via:And now I've taught you a lesson!!Its easy to lie,and never listen to a child.

Vias mentor:.....

Kyanite:Via,I'm going to challenge your intelligence today!!I want you to trick me with words!!

Via:*hands kyanite a paper*

"*On paper*You you you You you You you you You you you You you You you you you You you You you you You you You you you You you You you you You you

Since you were too lazy to read all the YOU's you weren't able to notice the YOO in the paragraph

Now you're dissapointed that you couldn't find the YOO in all the paragraph

Did I trick you yet?"

Kyanites eye twitches in annoyance as Via sits back In satisfactory

Via:Ok,so,lets say that there were three girls,One thought that the tracks were deer tracks,the other thought they were moose tracks,and the third thought they were duck tracks..

Then the train hit them...


Celes:*on text*Hey Via,Wanna come visit?Ill teleport you.

Via:*on text*Sure let me go find my phone first then I'll be ready


(( 1 hour later)) little daughter of a topaz..

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