So,Decently short story...

I was being a moron and decided that I wasn't thirsty the whole day resisting to drink anything,So I get to my history class of which is one of the classes I'm with my sister in...

So I'm just all shifting around in my chair listening to the boring 'Ol' teacher talk,and I look to my sister whom is next to me and say-"I'm thirsty.."

Now I always say -"I'm thirsty,not for water,"Just to joke around,But no.I was thirsty,The people I ckass were turning into bottles of water in my brain because I'm weird like that.

Do my sister says-"I don't have anything to drink."

And I respond as,"You have that ice pack,right?I could just numb on that..."

So she gives it to me and I notice that it's mainly melted and had barely any ice.So I look to see if the pack would open,It being q plastic blue container.So I eventually opened the cap,And in my mind I'm thinking-"I have been blessed!!!WITH WATAH!!"And so I take a sip like a moron,Looks like water,it's an ice pack,Yep it's SOOO water.

I automatically spit it out.

It tasted like flipping bleach.

So I close it and my sister smells it like me,the forgetful moron didn't do,and she smelt right away that it want water.

I go up to the teacher and tell him I'm feeling dizzy and like I'm going to spew.He says that I was fine and needed to sit down,then I mention that I drank something that I didn't know what it was.and he finally let me go to the nurse,so I go and she ask me what's wrong since I looked fine and was smiling.

So I told her the story and she has this face on her like she's thinkibg-"This is the most idiotic thing I've ever heard someone say"

And in just there smiling.

So after awhile she took my blood pressure and everything was normal except my blood pressure,So she called poison control and asked my sister to come up there.

She also called the company that made the pack,and my mother.

So long story short,It was 99% water and 1% of something else That started with an S that I'm too lazy to remember.

But for now on,I'll be known as that girl who has such a loving sister because she almost poisoned me.



But still,Everyone was asking me what happens and if whatever i drank was toxic.

My Fat art teacher who be Prego looked all concerned thinking I was gonna die.

Then I told her i practically drank normal water.

So.....Now I know never to drink anything ever again.

Im te smartester people evr

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