This page is about my gemsona,Celestite which most of you will learn is the only gemsona I mostly use,so,I'll edit this more later and don't exactly have the time now but here's a bit of Celestite.And anyone who wants to,can edit!

Celestite is a homeworld gem,she is a hybrid of human and gem Kyanite being her mother and General J. Being her father.Celestite is a mother to 6 kids being-







All of these kids except Jackie and summer are human hybrids like Celestite.And all of the kids except Margy are Greigite and Celestites previous born kids.Margy is Celestites first child being the son of Jadeite and Celestite.

Celestite previously has the Romantic partner of Greigite which is played by I-Ship-Stevidot.

Celestite has been in at least 7-8 expiaeaments her first being the Celestite expiaeaments which made her physically defective.


Celestites story begins on earth,in the middle of WW2.Kyanite is giving birth to little Celestite.But kyanite isn't going to give up her form like rose did,she has a technique that is risky but she willing to use,as Celestite is born she gets a chunk of Kyanites gem as her own.Shortly after Celestite was born she started going to school.One day when she came home from school her and her father were alone at home together when humans from the opisite side broke into their house and killed Celestites father right infront of her Innocent eyes,Celestite was still a baby then and couldn't try to save her father.

Kyanite found a younger she-gem that had lived on homeworld and was willing to take Celestite onto homeworld for kyanite could get her life back on track.The young gems name was,Yellow topaz,She was barely older then Celestite.Yellow topaz snuck Celestite onto homeworld placing her in a group of Celestites that little did YT know the Celestites were hurdled together for the Celestite expiaeaments.

Years later Celestite was reunited with both Her mother and YT.YT and Celestite became God friends,but so far Celestite hated kyanite not knowing she was her mother.

That's all I'm going to put for her history for now.



Form 2-


Form 3-


Previous form-


First form-

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Sword that can shoot out nuclear blast.



Elemental Abilities

(Able to control wind speed and direction.(I will on occasion use this which this is limited)