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    Random racist guy:What?Your names nae-nae?Well watch me whip!lol jk,i already did that to your ancestors.


    two days later....

    Cops:Looks like suicide..

    Cops 2:Yes,indeed

    Kyanite:We just walked in and we saw him dead on the floor!

    Celeste:It was horrifying!1I didnt need to see that!Its so sad!*both look at each other with devilish glances*

    Benny as a kid:Mom can i watch this PG-13 movie?!

    Kyanite:Absolutely not!Last time i checked you were still a pre-teen!!Put it back or your grounded for eternity!!


    Celeste:Mom can i watch this movie?!Its about this stripped that has *** all the time!!

    Kyanite:Yeah sure


    LR:Whats your zodiac sign?


    LR:What a coincidence !

    Yeah i know..i have issues

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  • Periandlapis007

    Kyanite:Via,Since you were absent on your mission,I picked up your school work,you have to do a paragraph report on trees.


    ((1 hour later)

    Via:Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm' therefor This make hay fever and STD,Since no one is volunteerily taking in pollen I have concluded we are all being raped by Trees

    Kyanite:...You've been spending too much time with your mother..

    Kyanite:Via please set up for tonight's meeting!!Were having it here and a very high ranked noble is on her way!!

    Via:YES MAAM!

    Via puts out three trash cans by the door,and labels them Trash and recycling

    She doesn't know what to label the third

    Via:..hmm..*writes Hopes and dreams on the lasts trash can*

    Kyanite:Ok..way too much time with your mother..

    Vias Mentor:…

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  • Periandlapis007

    Imma be stupid

    January 29, 2017 by Periandlapis007

    Bored skit...

    Via:Mom,What sex are you attracted to ??

    Celes:Lets just say that I can't give you a STRAIGHT answer

    Via:...Can you answer my question..?

    Celes:Where is my chocolate?!Wait..*sings Everything Stays*Right where you left it!!*picks up a chunk of chocolate from under her shoe*RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT!

    Celest:Psst ....Meta!!Im here to annoy you

    Me:Psst....Orange D!!I'm here to annoy you

    /me thinks about Greiglestite.

    • drools*

    /me thinks about Golden Celestite

    ....F dis shiz I'm out..!*hits Steven with a violin bow*...,IM SO SORRY I DIDNTMEAN IIITTT!!*wakes up in orchestra class*Uhhh

    • a random friend asked me if I was ok charge o school for one day what would I do.*

    Me:Kill all the teachers while I still can for the year can't take my authority awa…

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  • Periandlapis007

    As if i dont make enough mistakes..

    I accidentally gave myself a hickey..i was being me,ya'know tucked in bed like a burito,on my phone making derpy faces as i randomly talk to siri,and i look to my side,to a peice of skin my mouth could strangely reach..

    I just randomly thought....i want to suck on something..or bite..*shrug*:3

    (0_0)wait..what is that....?


    oml im screwed




    so now i have this tomato red hickey on me and all i have to say is...

    I still wanna suck on something

    so i was reading and it said putting toothpaste on it helps...THIS WILL BE FUN..

    ok...well imma have to deal with it huh?Someone explain to me how i havent jumped off a cliff to see if there was water or rock at the bottom yet?

    ok..if anyone knows what to do to…

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  • Periandlapis007

    Ok,so I don't know why,but I dare everyone to do a FOOT or HAND reveal with or without shoes or gloves on.

    Imma do Foot,But since I have Satans foot Imma do it with my shoes on,lol.

    So basically FOOT REVEAL!!

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