Onyx is a gem made and owned by Steven Watcher




TBA Onyx is just an over all thug well for looks at least, he has a long fringe on the left side of his face with no hair on the other side, his gem being the scar across his eye.

Official picture by the one and only Aguna


Sticker art by Yarana


Concept art to the right.



Onyx has a rough personality he always plans out what he does he never comes unprepared. When ever he does something he always has a reason most including personal benefit.


Not much is known about his backstory, hints as well as small pieces are often dropped about roleplays so look out for those.


Onyx has all of the abilities that normal gems have aswel as some unique ones such as shadow morphing and mind reading.


  • Onyx has had many names before onyx first was jet then moonstone and finally ending up with Onyx.
  • Onyx actually has xenophobia.


  • Onyx is a variety of layered chalcedony, sister stone to agate; the difference between them being the bands, agate curved, onyx parallel.
  • The word onyx comes through latin from a greek word meaning "claw" or "fingernail", this is due to one variety being a fleshy colour and likened to fingernails.

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