Moonstone Pearl is a gem made and owned by Periandlapis007.


Moonstone Pearl has a light bluey purple skin tone and a darker shade in her hair. She is thin and has a pointed nose like most pearls. She wears a blouse that reaches to her thighs and has a dark belt around her waist. Her gem is in the center of her chest.



Celestite is a friend of Moonstone Pearl and was her former caregiver. Celestite does not like owning Pearl's and so Moonstone Pearl simply helps rather than serves.

Cave Pearl (ISS)

Cave Pearl and Moonstone Pearl are married and have kids. They still help Celestite when needed however.




Due to her being a moonstone she was abused by her former owner, she eventually went to Celestite for help. They became close friends but over the years and as Celestite aquired more friends Moonstone Pearl was left behind,


Moonstone Pearl has standard gem abilities such as shape-shifting, gem bubbling and weapon summoning.

Spear Summoning: She can summon a spear from her gem. It is long and pointed with two sharp points on the tip and a curved bottom. TBA





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