Red Topaz is a gem made and owned by Steven watcher. He acted as an antagonist in the Kindergarten

RolePlay Series, working under Black Diamond.


Red Topaz was made in a kindergarten. He has been in many parts of the Kindergarten Roleplay series and is played by Steven watcher.


Red Topaz wears a red and orange jumpsuit with a yellow diamond symbol in the centre of his chest. He has large biceps and muscles.


Black Diamond

In KRP II he works for black diamond not knowing that she was bad later when she turned good he found out she was originally bad and went all out trying to kill her for betraying his trust.


Azurite was the first ever gem that he met he thought she was good until black diamond tricked him other wise.


He is an extremely loyal gem and you should never betray his trust.






Red Topaz has normal gem abilities such as gem bubbling, weapon summoning and regeneration.

Unique Abilities

Red Topaz has the unique ability of pyrosynthysis aswell as pyrokynisis which is a deadly combination.


  • He was Steven Watchers first ever character.


  • The most valuable and sought after kinds of topaz are usually the red or orange varietes
  • The value increases the deeper the orange hues are
  • The most common form used in jewelry are the blue variations


Enjoy these images courtesy of Asreiel Dreemurr (Goat boy)
File:Red vs garnet.png
File:Red mad.png
File:Red v garnet 2.jpg

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